Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

Executive President's Report

July / August 2018



     On Sunday June 24th, 2018 from 12pm-5pm, approximately three hundred fifty to four hundred Branch 2184 members along with their families and friends came together at our local union hall grounds and had a day of fun. We had some special guests attending our picnic, which included NALC's Region 6 National Business Agent Elect Troy Clark, MIS ALC President Carl Blassingame, and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell.

      There was everything from face painting for the kids to basketball for the teens. Overall the picnic was a success and all had a ball. We would like to thank all of the volunteers that made the annual picnic a success again. See you next year on Sunday, June 23th, 2019 for our next picnic!




      On Friday, July 27, the NALC and the Postal Service entered into a series of five National level interpretive step grievance settlements as well as agreeing to an additional joint document clarifying an issue involving the former TE step advancement that occurred on May 26 this year. These documents are numbered M -01892 through M -01896 in the NALC Materials Reference System.

      The first settlement is M -01892, which deals with the Postal Service hiring CCAs above the contractual limits. With this settlement, all CCAs in all size offices with 30 months of relative standing on September 1, 2018 will be converted to career status within 60 days from the signing of the agreement on July 27, 2018. If you are a CCA with the relative standing date in the same office/Installation of March 1, 2016 or before, then you will be converted to career status , which will be either a part time flexible (PTF) or full time regular (FTR).

      The second settlement (M-01893) involves the promotion pay rule revisions (ELM 422.2) that had resulted in the USPS applying a "hold in place" rule that essentially froze step increases for the affected carriers that had been promoted into T-6 positions prior to the ELM revisions. The "hold in place" rule has been rescinded and these carriers will receive all step increases as scheduled as well as retroactive pay for any step increases that have been delayed. It also provides a clarification of the pay rules and method of compensation for T-6 carriers that will be in effect following the "step consolidation" in the letter carrier craft that will occur on November 24, 2018. The applicable ELM 422 provisions will be further modified to reflect this understanding.

      The third settlement (M -01894) is a resolution of the National level dispute involving retroactive holiday pay for CCAs. CCAs on the rolls as of Christmas Day, December 25, 2016 and that remain on the rolls as CCAs will receive h9liday for pay for four specified holidays during the period of December 2016 through May 2017.

      The fourth settlement (M-01895) is a resolution of the National level dispute involving the lengthy delay in retroactive Contract settlement pay for CCAs that had been since converted to career status. Depending on their date of conversion, the affected letter carriers will receive payments ranging from $50.00 to $150 .00.

      The final agreement (M- 01896) involved the calculation of qualifying Transitional Employee (TE) time for applying the TE step advancement credit which occurred on May 26 this year. The Postal Service had previously improperly calculated a TE "year" as 3 65 days, when in fact they were employed for 360 day terms. This will be recalculated as a 360 day "year" which will result in art additional advancement of one step as well as additional compensation for a small number of former TE's.




In unionism,

-- Walt McGregory

EVP Branch 2184