Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

Executive President's Report

November / December 2017



      Letter Carriers across the country are delivering a record number of parcels. Just within our own Branch 2184 represented offices, carriers are working countless hours seven days a week to get the job done! That's what we do as professional Letter Carriers! WE DELIVER!

      Just a few years ago, we were talking about "5 Day delivery is the wrong way" and "Save Saturday delivery", and now we have mandatory overtime on Sunday just to try and keep up with the increased business from customers like Amazon and Walmart. This is a welcome turn of events from a few short years ago.

      Let's continue to show America that no matter what amount of volume of packages are ordered, America can count on its Postal Service and letter carriers to get it delivered to them!




      All active career letter carriers received their back pay in the December 1, 2017 paycheck. This payment covers the period of time from Sept. 3, 2016, through August 18, 2017. During this period, career letter carriers received three wage increases: a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of $21 annually,

effective Sept. 3, 2016; a general wage increase of 1.2 percent effective Nov. 26, 2016; and a COLA of $333 effective March 4, 2017. Active city carrier assistant (CCA) letter carriers will receive their back pay in their Feb. 9, 2018,

paychecks. A CCA’s back pay will cover the period from Nov. 26, 2016, through Sept. 15, 2017. This payment will include the 2.2 percent general wage increase and the addition of two $0.50-per-hour step increases in the new CCA pay scale where applicable. The two $0.50-per-hour step increases are payable

at 12 and 52 weeks of service.

      Letter carriers who converted from CCA to career during the back pay period received the career portion of their back pay on December 1 and will

receive the back pay for their time spent as a CCA in their February 9, 2018, paycheck. Retired and separated letter carriers: Most career letter carriers who retired between Sept. 3, 2016, and August 18, 2017, and those career letter carriers who were active on August 7, 2017, and have since separated from the Postal Service, also received their back pay as of December 1st, 2017. These former letter carriers received their back pay in the form of a paper check mailed to the last office in which they worked, and they should contact their former office to arrange getting the check.

      The remaining 3,600 carriers in this category will receive their back pay the same way on Dec. 15, 2017. This unfortunate delay is due to a coding error

related to the terminal leave payments made to these carriers.

      Former CCA letter carriers who were active on August 7, 2017, and have since separated from the Postal Service should check back for further updates

on when and how their back pay will be distributed. If you have any questions or concerns about your back pay, please see your immediate supervisor first, then seek out your union steward or call the local union hall for assistance if needed.




      Are you signed up for our Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF)? If not, why not? There are so many people in power now that want to take away what we have worked so long and hard to have now, our decent wages and benefits for our families. With the stroke of a pen, it could all be gone! Yes, it could happen. The way you do your part is sign up immediately for LCPF. Here is an example of a current bill that was passed in the House of Representatives on 11/30/2017; H.R. 4182:

      On 11/30/2017, the House of Representatives voted in a mostly party-line vote 213 to 204 to pass H.R. 4182, the Ensuring a Qualified Civil Service

(EQUALS) Act, introduced by Rep. James Comer (R-KY). The bill aims to change the current one-year probationary period to two years for federal employees and to undercut due-process rights, whistle blower protections, and the very civil service protections designed to protect federal employees against

unjust managerial rulings. Unfortunately, the significantly increased probationary period would also apply to the Postal Service.

      The key difference between probationary employees and career federal employees is that it is much easier for an agency to fire employees on probationary periods than those having career status. By extending the period, agencies would have twice as long to consider an employee’s performance and decide whether to allow the employee to progress in their career or to be terminated before then. One out of every ten letter carriers is signed up for LCPF. We can and should do better than that. Five bucks a pay period is all that is needed to help fight off those who want to take away what we have

fought for so long and so hard all of these years for. Do the right thing to help protect your pay and benefits, sign up for LCPF today. See your steward or call the Branch 2184 Union office directly at 313-295-1640 and an officer would be glad to assist you in signing up for our political PAC. The job you save just might be your own!


      On behalf of all the stewards and Branch 2184 Officers, I wish you and your families a safe and Happy Holiday Season.



In unionism,

-- Walt McGregory

EVP Branch 2184