Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

Executive President's Report

July/ August 2017

Holiday Pay for CCAs


      As stated earlier in President Judd’s report, the tentative new Contract, which has now been overwhelmingly ratified by the membership nationwide, will be in place once an implementation date is announced by the national parties. Hopefully, all of

the active carriers that received a ballot in the mail from our national office kept the proposed National Agreement that came with it. Within the National Agreement on page 22, (Article 11, Section 8), City Carrier Assistant holiday language is found. It reads as follows:

               “The following six days shall be considered holidays for city carrier assistants (CCAs):

      New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. To be eligible for holiday pay, a CCA must be in a pay status the last hour of the employee’s scheduled workday prior to, or the first hour of the employee’s scheduled workday after the holiday. CCAs shall receive holiday pay at the employee’s base hourly straight time rate. The number of hours of holiday leave pay for a CCA will be determined by the size of the office in which he/she works:”

                              200 Workyear offices: 8 hours

                              Post Plan offices: 4 hours

                              All other offices: 6 hours

      All CCAs working in Branch 2184 represented offices will receive either 6 or 8 hours of pay for the specified holidays. Again, once the new Contract is officially implemented, the language for CCA Holiday pay will be applicable. The national

parties are still determining if the CCA Holiday pay will in fact be retroactive.


Postal Blue


      With everything that is going on in our country as it relates to the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia and elsewhere, it is very important that letter carriers make every effort to KEEP YOUR POLITICAL POLITICAL VIEWS TO YOURSELF while at work. It does not matter what your background, race, gender, or other personal aspects of your life are, WE ALL WEAR POSTAL BLUE! We all have our thoughts and feelings about what is going on. However, do not put yourself in a situation where you could offend a co-worker directly, or indirectly, by expressing feelings or opinions about political matters. Do NOT create an uncomfortable work environment for others. Make sure you don’t put yourself in a position that could lead to a verbal or physical

altercation and that would likely result in you being put off work in a non-pay status and possibly receiving severe disciplinary action.


T-6 Bumping


      Branch 2184 officers have written about this topic in the past and we will continue to keep writing about it as long as our members need assistance with it. A commonly asked question is: “Does a T-6 have the right to select his/her assignment on their T-6

string if the T-6’s string has two or more vacant assignments open?”

      The answer to that is a very conditional yes, PROVIDED that the nonscheduled day carrier is coming into work. This is what TRIGGERS the socalled “bumping” provisions to begin with. If there is no nonscheduled day carrier coming in to trigger

any bumping provisions, then the T-6 carrier DOES NOT have his/her choice of assignments to work, even when two or more assignments are open within the T-6 string.

      Item 22, section 4 of our Branch 2184 Local Memorandum of Understanding, TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT CHANGE FOR T-6 ASSIGNMENTS states:

     “A full-time regular carrier called in to work on a

non-scheduled day shall work his/her full-time duty assignment provided there is a vacant route on the string to which the T-6 carrier may be assigned. This is inclusive of assignments that are temporarily vacant and have been opted on by PTF, reserve regular or unassigned regular carriers, or city carrier assistants (CCAS). Otherwise the carrier working on a non-scheduled day will be assigned where needed. If two or more vacancies on the string exist the T-6 carrier shall select his/her assignment.”

      I have had carriers debate with me and with our Branch 2184 shop stewards about the intent of this language. You cannot take the last sentence of the paragraph and apply it without also reading the first. There are many bumping scenarios, but just

remember the “TRIGGERING EVENT” for bumping is a FULL TIME REGULAR coming in to work his/her NS day. Absent that happening, the T-6 does their scheduled assignment that day. As always, if there are additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the branch 2184 Office at (313) 295-1640.


Back To School/Safety


      In some areas, school has already started. Carriers, please be patient and courteous to the big yellow school buses and make sure you are stopping when the buses put their “STOP” signs out for the kids to cross the streets. We want you and every child to make it home to your loved ones the same way you left that morning. Be mindful that children run between cars and buses. Know that a child may dart out in the street at any time. With all of the electronics that kids have today, a child may have music playing in their ears from headphones that impede their hearing and your horn if you need to honk at them for being in the street. Again, exercise caution and let your supervisor(s) know if you needed additional time because of multiple school buses or trains before you made it back to the station. Safety first!


In unionism,

-- Walt McGregory

EVP Branch 2184