Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

Executive President's Report

September / October 2018

U.S. Mail: Not For Sale Nationwide Rallies


      On Monday October 8th, thousands of letter carriers, family members and other postal employees held rallies in over 150 cities to send a clear message to the public and to politicians that the Postal Service is NOT FOR SALE! With the midterm elections just a few weeks away, you can make a difference by contacting your congressional representative and voicing to them that you would like the Postal Service to remain part of the federal government and not be privatized.

      On Tuesday, November 6th when you go to vote, make sure that you vote for letter carrier friend! y candidates that share your issues and that are committed to seeing the postal service remain "the people's postal service"! Don't forget to take a family member or two with you to vote, as well as a few friends. Voting does have consequences. We can't afford not to have our voices heard in this upcoming election; the stakes are too high!




      PTFs are "Part Time Flexible" city earners that are career letter carriers. PTFs have certain rights in our contract which include but are not limited to: No layoff protection, Workhour guarantees, Sunday premium, Step increases, opting and Cost-ofliving

adjustments (COLAs). These are just a few of many rights that PTFs have in our current contract and previous contracts prior to 2013, when all career USPS employees started as PTFs. Article 7 in our National I Agreement is where the contractual language regarding PTF s can be found. If you have further questions, see your steward or call the Branch 2184 office for assistance.




      Right now our branch has a little over ten percent of our active and retired members donating to our Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF). We have seen a small increase in our retired members signing up through their annuities, and we thank you all for that. There is also been a small increase in some of our Branch 2184-represented offices, with our stewards signing up active carriers to our PAC. We thank those stewards for the efforts. If you are not signed up as of yet, please contact the Branch 2184 office directly and we will get you signed up. $5.00 a pay period is all that we are asking, which comes to just $130.00 a year. This is less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. If you are retired, we are asking that you contribute a minimum of five dollars a month from your annuity. This would equal only $60.00 a year. The stakes are much too high for us all not to ensure the existence of our jobs and our retirement security. See your steward for more details.


In unionism,


-- Walt McGregory

EVP Branch 2184