Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

Executive President's Report

March / April 2018



The branch has been notified by our regional office that NALC has filed a national level grievance regarding former CCAs who have not received their

back pay to date.

      The branch has been contacted by multiple CCAs concerning nonpayment of back pay and we are advising all CCAs and former CCAs that if they want to file a grievance, they may do so.

      If a grievance has been filed about this issue, please hold it in abeyance at the Formal A level, or if it has already been appealed to the Step B parties, it will be held in abeyance by the step B parties. When a decision comes down, we will get the information out to the membership as soon as it becomes available.


Route Inspections


      On April 12, 2018, Branch 2184 held a Route Inspection class at the branch for our Ypsilanti carriers. This class was taught by Troy Clark, Regional Administrative Assistant, from NALC Region 6, Kentucky/Indiana/Michigan.

      Eric Venzke and Dave Reise, assisted RAA Troy Clark with putting on the class. President Mark Judd, EVP Walt McGregory, VP Joe Golonka, and Taylor Steward Michele Szafran also fielded questions and provided answers for the class. USPS management began “full blown” route inspections in our Ypsilanti office on 04/14/2018. Branch 2184 Officers were there each day monitoring the process for contract compliance.

      I had the opportunity go out to our Ypsilanti office on 04/16/2018, the second day of the full blown Route Inspection in the Ypsilanti office, and

witness the process. From what I witnessed, the training that the Ypsilanti carriers received at the Route Inspection class paid off. All looked to be going


      Branch 2184 would like to thank all of the carriers that attended the route inspection class put on by the branch. Special thanks go out to RAA Troy Clark for coming down and putting on the class for our Ypsilanti carriers.


Safety Ambassador Program


      The branch has received notice from our NALC National Union as well as from our National Business Agent’s office that NALC represented letter carriers are not to participate in the Postal Service “Safety Ambassador” Program. Please see NALC National Vice President Lew Drass’ article in the April 2018 Postal Record for additional information about the Union’s concerns with this new pro-gram.

      This does NOT mean in any way that your Branch officers do not want our regular Safety Captains to continue to serve on their Safety Committees within their installation(s). The Safety Captains as well as letter carrier members of local Safety Committees were chosen by President Judd per our Local Memorandum of Understanding. Local Safety Committees and Safety Captains are a very different thing from management's new Safety Ambassador Pro-gram. In fact, it appears that the “Safety Ambassador” program is designed at least in part to circumvent and obstruct the role of the Union pertaining to safety at the local level.




      We have been signing up more and more letter carriers for our Letter Carrier Political Fund. Jackie Belman, (Monroe Alternate Steward and Dundee Steward) has agreed to step up and take on the role as Co-LCPF Coordinator for Branch 2184. If you haven’t already, please sign up and help protect your pay and benefits that are constantly under attack by politicians that would like to take them away from you and your family. See your steward or call the union hall for assistance in signing up. The job you save just may be your own.


Branch Picnic


      The year is going by so fast! Just around the corner on June 24th, 2018 is our annual branch picnic that is held on the branch grounds beginning at 12:00 Noon. All branch 2184 members and their families are welcome to come out and enjoy food, games, and a whole lot of fun with fellow union brothers and sisters. I look forward to seeing you and your loved ones there.



In unionism,

-- Walt McGregory

EVP Branch 2184