Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

26th Annual NALC Food Drive

Food Drive 2018

      This year’s annual NALC “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive was a success. Our efforts on Saturday, May 12, 2018 Branch 2184 collected 278,200 pounds of food. See page 16 for breakdown by office. Although the overall poundage of food collected in Branch 2184 this year was slightly down from what we collected last year due to the unfavorable weather conditions, overall it was still a success.

      We would like to thank everyone for their dedication and hard work in making the NALC’s food drive a great one. Whether you were out on a route helping to pick up food from the customers, or helping to sort food at the local post office, we thank you.



-- Jacqueline McGregory and Cathy Tondreau

Branch Food Drive Coordinators

Branch 2184 Food Drive Results indicated in pounds