Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

27th Annual NALC Food Drive


Food Drive 2019

     By the time many of you read this article the27th Annual NALC Food Drive will   be in the books. Although the results will not be in until June or later, last year letter carriers from around the country brought in more than 71 million pounds of food into local food banks at a very pivotal time of year. I want to thank all who volunteered for this most worthy cause. I would especially like to thank Region 6s

Food Drive Coordinator Jim Hunter from branch 3126, Royal Oak, Ml. Like all of you, I'm proud to be a letter carrier and a community servant!


-- Troy Clark

National Business Agent

Kentucky – Indiana – Michigan (KIM)



-- Jacqueline McGregory and Cathy Tondreau

Branch Food Drive Coordinators

Branch 2184 Food Drive Results indicated in pounds