Wayne County, MI

Grievance Guidelines and Issue Statements

1767 (No or Insufficient Response)


3996 (No Response)


3rd Bundle (Park and Loop)


Attendance L.O.W.


AWOL Discipline


Carrier Abuse (Dignity and Respect)


City Carriers Doing Rural Duties


Commonly Used  MRS Decisions


Denied Information


Denied Transfer


Denied Union Representation


Denied Union Time


Extension of Field Time


Failed to Adjust Within 52 Days


Failure to Follow Instructions


Failure to Meet  At Informal


Failure to Post Assignment


Failure to Report Accident


Harassed by One Day Count


Holiday Medical Note Required


Improper Holiday Schedule


Institution of Non-City Delivery




Branch 2184

Instructions Ambiguous


Invalid Route Inspection Data


Lawn Crossing


Leave Remaining Denied


Light Duty


Local Forms (Unauthorized)


Management Performing Carrier Work


Medical Documentation Required


Non ODL Forced OT


ODL Any By Passed OT


ODL WA Bypassed


OT Equalization


Posting 204b Duty Assignment


Privacy Act (Local Forms)


Reporting Guarantee NS Day


Restricted Sick Leave


Reversion of Positions


Safety Violation


Special Inspection 271


Street Supervision (Covert)


Vacation (LMU Cancellation Policy)