Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

KIM Region 6 Report

Kentucky -- Indiana -- Michigan

                                                                                                       October 2018




      As some may know, I have announced that I will be retiring from the position of National Business Agent for the KIM region effective December 1, 2018. The members in the KIM region have been my extended family and it has been my privilege to work for and with those NALC members in this position. When I began to formulate this message to the members of the Michigan State Association, several things ran threw my mind but I was not sure how I would pen them to paper.

      I guess the first thought was how fortunate I have been to be able to have served the members in the KIM region since 2003-2005 as an RAA and from 2005 until the end of 2018 as your National Business Agent. During these years I was asked by both President Bill Young and President Fred Rolando if I would be interested in serving at the national level. It was an honor to be considered to work at the headquarters level for this great Union but I felt it would be better if I stayed with my region and the people I have known for so many years-- so I declined those headquarters opportunities.

      It is with mixed emotions that I announced my retirement after 44 years as a member of the NALC and 42 of those years holding some position with the union at either the local, regional or national level. You don’t easily go from running at 100 miles per hour day after day to a screeching halt without some level of uncertainty and reservation. The NALC has been my life, and as many Union Leaders know all too well, often times the job comes before family. It did with me many times. But I have also been very fortunate to have a family that

has been so understanding of the demands the job often took. I guess now I will have a little more free time and I have offered my assistance to the NALC at both the national and regional level. I do not intend to be a stranger. I hope to keep my hands in a few things because there is still much work to be done and I would like to pay back to the NALC a bit of what it has given to me.

      I am secure and confident in feeling that the region is in good shape and we have developed people who continue to make the region strong. Regional Administrative Assistant Troy Clark was elected by acclimation to take over as NBA so the transition at the regional office will be smooth. We have won many battles over the years because of the hard work and team approach we utilized. I take no credit for our success because it is the dedication of our team that deserves the recognition. Where we have come up short, it is not because of a lack of effort. We will never give up the fight.

      As always, our office will continue to provide support to local branches and the members in our region. Our focus has been to provide the service, resources and guidance necessary to represent members in the work place. I know that our office will continue to do whatever is necessary to meet these obligations. The KIM Region will continue to be the most progressive region in the country.

      I leave the job of National Business Agent on my own timetable and terms, comfortable with the thought that I have given everything I could to the job and to the best of my ability. It is a job that will consume you. You know in your heart and mind when you have reached a point when it is time to move on to another phase of life. I will be just a couple of months short of 66 years old when I retire (I know I don’t look it!!) and you never know how much time you have left so I am content with my decision to move on.

      I have been thinking about retirement for the last couple of years because as those reading this will find out for yourselves, it is not a quick or easy decision to make. But you know when the time is right and the time is right for me now. I have always held the premise that “No one is bigger than this Union and no one can do it alone”. To add to that thought, I once heard Vince Sombrotto tell a group of carriers, “If you find someone putting their own personal agenda ahead of that of the NALC, distance yourself from them”. Nobody was wiser than Vince and I tried to follow his admonition throughout my career.

      I have had the good fortune to have so many good friends in this great Union for so many years. Some are gone and some still remain but I will always be grateful to those who have come before me. I guess Ron Brown, Jim Korolowicz, Ernie Haynes and Ernie Kirkland have always been there when I needed a little counsel and wisdom of their experience. There are hundreds more throughout the region that I have counted on and they have always come through. To all of you I am eternally grateful.

      I am honored and thankful to be a part of this Union and for the privilege of being your National Business Agent over the last several years. It has been my pleasure to work side by side with so many fine unionists at the local, regional and national level. I am deeply appreciative for this opportunity and it will be something I cherish for my entire life. The jobs we all do are honorable and our sole purpose should be to serve the members of this great Union. Remember, it’s all about the members.

      I look forward to seeing many of you at future KIM trainings, state and national conventions and other events sponsored by your branches and the NALC. Belonging to our NALC family never leaves you.


Thank you for your years of support, kindness, friendship, for being a part of my life and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of yours. It will never be forgotten! Take Care and God Bless…




In Unionism,

Patrick C. Carroll

National Business Agent

43456 Mound Road, Suite 501

Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Office: 586-997-9917 Fax: 586-997-9916