Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

KIM Region 6 Report

Kentucky -- Indiana -- Michigan

                                                                                                       December 2018



      Please let me start my first article as your National Business Agent (NBA) by introducing myself; my name is Charles Troy Clark - I go by "Troy". I am 56 years old, married (Kelly) and have three grown daughters (Kristen, Sarah and Briana). I've lived in Michigan since December 2006 when National President Emeritus, William H. Young, appointed me as a Regional Administrative Assistant (RAA) for the Kentucky-Indiana-Michigan (KIM) Region. I have worked under the direct supervision of former NBA, Pat Carroll since being appointed as RAA. Not only have I had the privilege working with Pat, but I've also had the privilege of working with

Troy Clark

National Business Agent - Region 6

Jeff Fultz and currently, David Mudd as the other RAAs for the KIM region.

      I started at the United States Postal Service in March of 1987. I've always been a union member since starting at the Postal Service, however, 1 didn't become an active union advocate until 1997 as steward of zones 40509 and 40515 in Lexington, KY. I was elected vice president of branch 361 and installed in December of 1999. In October of 2000 the president of branch 361, Ernie Kirkland, was appointed as a RAA for the KIM Region thereby allowing me to become president of the branch, I was elected by acclamation for another term as branch president before my appointment as RAA.

      Like everyone who is active in their union, their mentors have helped to shape their advocacy skills and leadership qualities. Therefore, I'd be remiss if I failed to give credit ( or blame) to my mentors.  As mentioned previously, Ernie Kirkland was my first branch president and my first big influence as a city letter carrier and an active union member.

Ernie has leadership qualities unlike any other. He helped me, and continues to help me, learn my many jobs within the union.

      Another big influence to me is Jimmy Korolowicz (Jimmy K). Jimmy was the NBA when I became branch president. Jimmy was able to give me opportunities within the NALC such as arbitration advocacy training, route inspection training and Teaching Techniques training to name just a few. Although Jimmy would never allow me to apply for the Leadership Academy he was instrumental when National President Fred Rolando appointed me as a facilitator at the Academy in 2015.

      Ron Brown (the godfather of Region 6) has also been very instrumental in helping me throughout my career. Ron's knowledge and his witty delivery of that knowledge inspires and lasts with anyone who is fortunate to be the recipient of such wisdom. Ron has always made himself available whenever called upon. In my eyes, Ron is the quintessential union advocate.

      There are so many other people I've meet throughout my career that have been inspirational to the work that we all do. Everyone has people who have mentored them whether they realize the mentoring or not. It's not a stretch to say every leader in any organization has been influenced by actions of others. Thanks to all who have and will help me a,s I continue my work with, and for, the members of the NALC.




      There is, and always will be, plenty of work to do with, and for, the members of our region. Our office will continue to offer trainings such as our annual KIM training the weekend of the Columbus Holiday in October, the School of Stewards (SOS), route inspection, OWCP, negotiation and retirement. We are always open and willing to do any trainings the membership wants and needs. I ask if any branch would like for our office to do any specialized training for them, to please give us a call; we will be more than happy to accommodate. Our primary job as your regional office is to help branches anyway

possible. Education to our members is one of those primary jobs.

      Another objective our office has is to visit more branch meetings and work floors throughout the region. Our members need to know we are there, active and willing to hear their issues and help in any way we can to make their work life and union life

pleasant. In today's Postal Service environment I realize this will not happen overnight and will not happen without all union members help. One person or one small group of people cannot change everything, but they can start a movement. But that movement

will need everyone, all UNION members' Involvement, to be successful. The union is only as strong as our weakest member. We have to work together to help educate and make each member strong. Please don't misunderstand, the NALC is one of the strongest

unions in this great country; however, let's all strive to make it even stronger and greater.

      I hope to continue writing articles for any branches' newsletter that wishes to publish them. I will try to touch upon current topics of interest. If anyone would like to suggest topics, please feel free to contact our office and let us know.


Happy Holidays


       'Tis the Season! I'd like to take this opportunity to wish ยท everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Remember the reason for the season! In Peace and Solidarity,


-- Troy Clark

National Business Agent - Region 6

Kentucky - Indiana - Michigan (KIM)