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                    NATIONAL BUSINESS AGENT'S Report    December 2016

New President in the White House??


      The country has just concluded one of the most despicable Presidential campaigns that anyone has ever seen filled with mudslinging and personal attacks on a daily basis. It certainly demonstrated the ugliness of politics. But now we are saddled with a President elect that is dangerous to the American labor movement. Don't be fooled by the Carrier company deal in Indianapolis because there will be great fallout from that and not all the Carrier company jobs are staying in this country. The fact is Donald Trump is no friend of letter carriers or the American labor movement. Time will demonstrate that fact and now we need to see how his policies will have an effect on our negotiation process for a new collective bargaining agreement. We will now have an even tougher fight with a Republican President, House and Senate to contend with. I would urge all members to keep a close eye on how this unfolds. I guess you can insult and denigrate women, insult your own party, insult the media, insult foreign leaders, insult racial and ethnic groups, say you can shoot someone and still be elected to the President of the United States. Oh did I mention you don't have to pay taxes for 19 years either? The country is divided by a deep gorge of political indifference and apathy. We cannot let that division enter the ranks of letter carriers.


Another Carrier Performance Tool


      Once again the USPS will set an attack on letter carriers and how we work each day. Whether you call it the Performance Enhancement Tool (PET), Office Efficiency Tool (OET), Demonstrated Performance Tool (DPT), it is all the same pig with just a different colored lipstick.

      I would suggest everyone read the Contract Talk article in the November Postal Record page 37-38. On those two pages are several contractual citations and grievance settlements that outline the letter carriers responsibilities as well as protections for carriers against managers who misuse some of these methods of setting unrealistic and inaccurate expectations.

      In 1979, the settlement (M-00394) regarding DUVRS was established. In 2001 a national level settlement (M-01444) clarified that projection systems cannot be used as a sole basis for discipline. In 2007 the DOIS settlement (M-01664) protected carriers once again against taking corrective action for not meeting projected office and street times. Finally in 2011 (M-01769) which originated in Region 6 from Indiana once again protected carriers from discipline for not meeting management expectations. We have successfully used the Greater Indiana decision in arbitration awards with the issue of its use and violating the Joint Statement on Violence and Behavior in the Workplace. So here we are again in 2016 with different dresses

and makeup on the same pig. Don't be fooled or intimidated.

      As long as you are doing your best and not involved in time wasting practices, management will not be able to successfully discipline you. Be assured NALC stewards are well versed in how to deal with those situations should the USPS try to issue discipline.

      Don't be intimidated because there are many protections in our arsenal and you become familiar with page 37-38 of the November Postal Record. Carriers must get into the mindset that when Management makes their daily expectation/harassment rounds to say, "I'm doing the best that I can" and then smile. Remember arguing with them is like wrestling with a greased pig, even if the pig is wearing lipstick!!!


Our Toughest Time of the Year


      The month of December and the Christmas volume of parcels are overwhelming and to follow what was written about performance and expectations, handling, loading and delivery of mountains of parcels is extremely difficult work. Vehicles are not set for such volumes, staffing is limited and management gets paid very well to manage but they always seem to have trouble at this time of the year with such late delivery and delivery in the dark. (You know Christmas comes every year about this time-you would think they have a better plan worked out by now).

      I guess that is expecting too much. Maybe Management could develop an "expectation tool" for themselves to see if they are achieving such projections.

      All that said, please take the time to work safely. It appears there will be a lot of working in the dark which complicates safety and efficiency. Don't let efficiency take priority over your safety.


A Christmas Wish


      After the rush is over, it will be time for everyone to take a breath and enjoy the spirit and tradition of the Christmas season. Hopefully we won't have to work too many CCA's for that last minute parcel delivery on Christmas day. I hope that everyone has a great Christmas with family and friends and remember that as members of the NALC, we are all in this together. Please have a safe and blessed Christmas and enjoy your day with those special to you.



In Unionism,

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