Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

KIM Region 6 Report

                    Kentucky -- Indiana -- Michigan     October 2019

                               Brothers and Sisters,


                               Contract - what contract? Yes, our contract is still enforceable. Even

                               though we were unable to agree on a new contract prior to September

                               20th 2019, Article 43 has a "Duration" provision which states (in part):

                                     “...unless either party desires to terminate or modify it, for successive

                                     annual periods. The party demanding such termination or

                                     modification must serve written notice of such intent to the other

                                     party, not less than 90 or more than 120 days before the

                                     expiration date of the Agreement."

Neither party requested termination or modification.

      So, what's the next step? There is a 60-day mediation period, where an appointed mediator will attempt to find commonality between the parties. While this mediation period is going on, the parties will also to selecting a national arbitrator to hear arguments

should we once again come to impasse. It is highly likely this will be the case. President Rolando has stated repeatedly this negotiating period will not be as protractive as the last negotiating period. Keep up to date on the NALC website for any updates.


Route Inspections


      Our office has been conducting several Route Count and Inspection (RCI) trainings at the request of branches throughout the region. To date, we have done over 10 trainings with another two scheduled - and that's just since August! Whether you are having a Route Count and Inspection or not, the training we do helps carriers to remember what is expected and required per the handbooks and manuals. I encourage any branch to request this training. Management doesn't want our carriers to know what our requirements are (unless they are tasked with issuing discipline from a higher-up) because it takes T-I-M-E! I understand carriers may not want to set in a three hour

training after they have put in 10 hours at work - or taking a part of one of the non-scheduled days to set in a classroom, however, they - we - have a career interest at stake. Not only do we want a properly adjusted assignment, but we should also want every full -time assignment possible posted for bid. This leads to more assignments, more career opportunities and even, for local management, an easier and fairer way to manage a budget. Unfortunately, the bean counters in the Postal Service don't want any part in a fair adjustment process. That's why we haven't been involved in a joint route adjustment process in years. They, management, just want to take, take and take. All the more reason why we should urge our members to take a few hours out of one of their weeks to

be enlightened and/or refreshed as to why we need to be united in protecting our jobs and the jobs of our fellow union brothers and sisters. Please call the office to schedule a training.


Consolidated Casing Initiative


      We now have four sites in our region that are involved in the Consolidated Casing Initiative. They are Detroit - Strathmoor Station, Louisville -Martin Luther King Jr. Station, Grand Rapids - Wyoming Station, and Terre Haute-Main. As you probably know, the NALC filed an injunction to stop the Postal Service continuing this "Initiative" until our national - level grievance can be heard and adjudicated. The hearing was held on September 25th and the judge requested both parties to submit briefs. The briefs are due approximately two weeks from the date of the hearing. Those of you that are a part of

one of those sites or any of our NALC Observers at each of the sites know this process is not working. Management has violated our contract (multiple issues) at each of these test sites to which the NALC is grieving. Rest assured, President Rolando is not backing down one bit; assuring we have the resources to file any and all grievances that are identified. We have many well-trained union advocates watching all facets of management's "Initiative". This Initiative is an attack on our collective bargaining. There are no provisions that allow management to conduct such tests without the union's involvement. We have seen them in court, and we will, likewise, see them at arbitration to bring justice to our members!


Union Consolidated Activists


      I would be extremely neglectful if I don't recognize the men and women from region 6 that have stepped up to help us during this Consolidated Casing Initiative as being a NALC Observer. These activists spend an enormous amount of time helping to identify issues for the local branches. They are: RAA David Mudd, Tom Froreich (branch 1), Elaine Jones (branch 1), Donald Walton, Jr. (branch 1), Tony Weddle (branch 14), Ron Osborne (branch 14), Tina Davis (branch 14), Steve Amrhein (branch 39), Jim Gilmour (branch 39), Darrell Helsley (branch 56), Don Karl (branch 56), Matt Tanner (branch 122), Al Davenport (branch 122), Tom Minshall (branch 246), Paul Gillie (branch 256), Jason Stone (branch 377), Kim Drake (branch 378), Pam Jones (branch 533), Josh Peterson (branch 828), Ronnie Roush (branch 888), Walt McGregory (branch 2184), Jason Grubb (branch 2856), and Amanda Castano (branch 3126).

      When you see any of these union brothers and sisters please thank them for helping us, the union, in protecting our jobs!


In Solidarity,


-- Troy Clark

National Business Agent

Region 6 Kentucky - Indiana - Michigan (KIM)

Troy Clark

National Business Agent - Region 6