EEOC Decision


      In March of this year the Equal Employment Opportunity Com-mission (EEOC) found that the US Postal Service’s National Reassessment Process (NRP) potentially subjected approximately 130,000 injured-on-duty employees to a pattern of disability discrimination, in violation of the Rehabilitation Act. The Class action complaint covers all injured on duty that were reassessed under NRP during the period of May 5, 2006 through July 1, 2011.

      By now letter carriers who might be part of the Class Action should have received letters from the USPS as well as the law firm who filed the suit. The national office has advised that should you have any questions regarding your participation in this class action you should con-tact the class action attorney at 585 272 0540 or at their website For more information on the EEOC decision you also can go to the NALC website at


Ypsilanti Mail Count and Inspection


      On April 3, the branch received written notice from the USPS De-troit District Manager of Operations that the Ypsilanti Post Office would be conducting route inspections starting April 14. The inspections would cover both zones and last two weeks. On April 12, the Branch in conjunction with the NBA’s office held a route inspection class with approximately 25 letter carriers from Ypsilanti. RAA Troy Clark from the NBA’s Office was present and led the Inspection class with assistance given by Branch 2184 Route inspection Officers Dave Reise and Erik Venzke. I have assigned Dave and Erik to work with the Stewards from Ypsilanti in the filing of grievances and the analyzing of the data com-piled by the inspection teams. Branch Officers EVP McGregory and VP Golonka will, along with Ypsilanti Step A Designee Michele Szafran, be making periodic visits to Ypsilanti during the two week period to monitor the process as well as to respond to any possible contractual violations.


Task Force Appointed


      On April 12, President Trump issued an executive order creating a task force to recommend reforms to the US Postal Service as well as to review the finances of the USPS. The task force has been instructed to consult regularly with the Postmaster

General and the chairperson of the postal regulatory authority. The report from the task force is due August 10, and will (according to the press release) provide a “thorough evaluation of the operations and finances of the USPS”. Once the evaluation is completed, the task force will develop recommendations on both administrative and legislative reforms to the USPS. The participating members of the task force are as follows: Chair of the task force Steve Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury), Mick Mulvaney (Director of the Office of Management and Budget), Jeff Pon (Director of the Office of Personnel Management) and any other department or agency head the chair may designate. According to the Executive order, recommendations and viewpoints from the US Postal Service workforce and industry will be considered.


-- Mark Judd





Wayne County, MI



Branch 2184

President's Report

March / April 2018