Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Executive President's Report

September/October 2019

Consolidated Casing


      I recently have been detailed by NALC Headquarters to go out to different post offices as an official observer for our union in response to the “Consolidated Casing” testing being done by the Postal Service. My core job has been to take notes and to write a detailed report of what I observe on a daily basis in the offices. On each day this began with the time that the letter carriers started (which is usually between 5:00 am and 5:30 am), to the time that the last carrier returns from the field (which is anywhere from 4:00 pm until as late as 9:45 pm).

      I have to send a weekly report to NALC headquarters detailing all the contractual violations that I witnessed as well as gather any “Impact Statements” from letter carriers within the office. Impact statements are statements from the carriers in their own words describing how this new Test (Consolidated Casing) has adversely affected their lives. I have heard and read stories from carriers that range from single parents not being able to get their children off to school anymore because the time change of their schedule to 5:00-5:30 am, to carriers not being able to spend time with their spouses and significant others because of the amount of time they are now being required to work. In every site that I have been to, most carriers work at least 9 hours in a day, and this ranges all the way up to 14 hours in a day. The contract violations I have observed are massive in


      My detailed reports are also sent to the NALC National Business Agents of whatever region I am in as well as to the local NALC Branch president so that they can file the appropriate grievances for their carriers.

      Right now, there are no offices in our branch that have the Consolidated Casing testing occurring. That can change at any time. When and if that happens, we will keep you all informed.


Regional Training (K.I.M.)


      NALC Region 6 just conducted its annual K.I.M. (Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan training at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in downtown Covington Kentucky, October 12-14, 2019. There were about 450 letter carriers from the three states in

attendance for this training.

      Region 6 National Business Agent Troy Clark and his two Regional Administrative Assistants, David Mudd and Kyle Inosencio put the training together for the region. Branch 2184 Vice President Joe Golonka and Branch Trustee Michelle Szafran were instructors for a class about Safety and I was an instructor for an Article 16.7 (Emergency Placement in Off Duty Status) class along with Regional Administrative Assistant David Mudd.

      The guest speaker for the training was NALC National Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe. EVP Renfroe spoke on a lot of issues that are impacting letter carriers, including current contract negotiations with the Postal Service for City Carriers, the Consolidated Casing testing in some offices, and about the most important issue of all, legislation.

      That’s right, like it or not, legislation is the most important issue for us as letter carriers and will always be the most important issue for us. EVP Renfroe went on to explain that even if NALC President Fred Rolando and the Executive Council negotiate

the best economic contract in the history of NALC, it would mean nothing if our employer goes out of business.

      There is current legislation that we all need to become educated about, such as H. Res. 23 (Door to Door Delivery), H. Res. 33 (Privatization of the Postal Service), H. Res. 54 (Six Day Delivery) and H. Res. 2382 (Fairness Act). If the Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill don’t support these letter carrier friendly, pro-Postal Service bills, everything we have fought for and have attained over the years can be GONE!

      It is critically important that each one of us who is in a leadership role understands how important legislation is, and to reach one, teach one. In other words, reach out to a fellow NALC union brother or sister and let them know what these bills are and what they mean to our jobs and benefits.

      If you are not signed up for the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF), what are you waiting for? Five ($5) dollars a pay period is all that NALC is asking for you to donate if you are an active carrier, or at least five ($5) a month if you are a retired carrier. There are multiple ways that you can contribute to LCPF:


1. Payroll deduction: Contribute automatically, using PostalEase (either online or by phone) to set up an allotment deduction from your USPS paycheck.


2. Direct bank withdrawal: You can authorize the fund to withdraw a monthly electronic contribution directly from your personal checking account.


3. Annuity deduction: Retired letter carriers can elect to give monthly via an automatic deduction from your monthly annuity.


      You can also contact any of your branch officers at (313) 295-1640, and they will be happy to assist you. The job you save just may be your own!


In unionism,

-- Walt McGregory

Executive Vice President