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Branch 2184

Vice President's Report

November / December 2018

The Pay Grade

Consolidation Increase Explained


      On Saturday, November 24, all city letter carriers employed by the United States Postal Service received a pay increase. This was a unique pay raise because it occurred through the consolidation of the two previously existing pay grades and designations for city letter carriers, previously known as grade one and grade two (CC-1 and CC-2). The newly consolidated pay grade is simply known as "City Carrier" and it is divided into three pay tables. Table 1 is for all carriers with a career appointment date prior to January 12, 2013, and Table 2 is for all carriers with a career appointment date on or after January 12, 2013. Table 3 is for City Carrier Assistants (CCAs).

      The current 2016-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement is the 14th negotiated by the NALC with the Postal Service since the legendary strike in March 1970. Each of these Contracts has resulted in wage increases for letter carriers as well as full or partial cost of living adjustments (COLA). However, only once previously (in 1999), had Postal Service letter carriers also received a grade increase as a result of Contract negotiations, thus making the most recent increase somewhat historic in nature.

      To achieve the pay grade consolidation, all grade one letter carriers were upgraded to grade two pay levels and placed in their equivalent step (Step A through Step 0). Existing grade two letter carriers, those holding bid assignments known as "T-6" or

carrier technician positions, now have the same grade (CC) as their formerly grade one letter carrier coworkers. However, under the terms of the step consolidation increase, T-6 carriers will receive an additional 2.1 % for all paid hours. In addition, all City Carrier Assistant (CCA) carriers received an additional 1 % pay increase, in lieu of cost of living

adjustments which CCAs do not receive.

      There are several aspects of this to keep in mind. First and most importantly, ALL career letter carriers now have a single pay grade. Thus, there will be no more "promotions" within the City Carrier craft. Instead, and as discussed above, those holding T-6 positions or that are successful bidders on vacant or newly created T-6 positions will also receive an additional 2.1 % for all paid hours while remaining at the same grade as other letter carriers. For a T-6 carrier at Step 0, this is an additional 65 cents an hour.

      The additional pay for T-6 carriers in considered basic pay, and the higher rate will be utilized for all purposes of calculating benefits and additional compensation, including but not limited to overtime, holiday pay, Thrift Savings Plan contributions, and retirement. Finally, because of the additional 2.1 % wage compensation, temporary T-6 vacancies of five days or more will continue to remain available to all letter carriers in that delivery unit and will be filled by seniority. Those filling temporary T-6 vacancies will receive the additional 2.1 % hourly pay.


So What's Next?


      The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NALC and the Postal Service expires in less than ten months, at midnight on Friday, September 20, 2019. Prior to that date there are two scheduled cost of living adjustments (COLA) for career

level letter carriers. The first will occur following the release of the January 2019 Consumer Price Index (CPI) and will become effective in March. The second COLA will occur following the release of the July 2019. CPI and will become effective in September.

Negotiations between the NALC and the USPS on a new National Agreement will begin during the summer.

      Branch 2184 letter carriers should also be aware of the following dates and events. USPS pay year 20 19 begins on Saturday, December 22, 2018, which was the first day of pay period 1, week 1, 2019. USPS leave year 2019 begins on Saturday, January 5, 2019, which is the first day of pay period 2, week 1, 2019. It is on that date that the 2019 annual leave for career fulltime regular carriers is advanced and credited to leave balances, and thus be comes fully available to use as of then. Please see the Contract Comer Q and A about this subject that appears elsewhere in this issue of "Branch 2184


      Also in 2019, Branch 2184 will again participate in the NALC National Food Drive which will take place on Saturday, May 11. This is the largest one day event of its kind in the United States. On Sunday, June 23, Branch 2184 will hold our very popular annual Branch Picnic for members and their families. Be sure to mark your calendars for this

day of fun, food, frivolity, and lots of Union solidarity.

      Finally, there will be many additional events and activities during the forthcoming year that Branch 2184 will sponsor or participate in. Look for updated inforn1ation in our Branch publication as well on Union bulletin boards in your stations.



-- Joe Golonka

Vice President