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New Contract Summary for CCA's










      A new PTF Step AA, with a waiting period of 46 weeks to PTF Step A, has been created as the starting wage for CCAs converted to career under the new 24-month automatic conversion. The hourly pay of PTF Step AA will equal the hourly pay of Full time Regular Step A.


New 24-month automatic conversion of CCAs to career status


      While the Postal Service will maintain additional CCAs afforded to it under the Sunday package formula mutually agreed to during the previous contract, all CCAs in every size office who would have otherwise continued as non-career employees after

24 months of relative standing will now be automatically converted to career status.

      Those CCAs who have reached 24 months of relative standing without being converted to career will be converted to part-time flexibles and placed in a new PTF Step AA in Table Two. The Step AA hourly rate will equal the Full-time Step A hourly rate, and the waiting period in PTF Step AA to PTF Step A will be 46 weeks. Upon conversion to full time, regardless of the PTF step they are currently in, PTFs will be placed in the full-time step commensurate with their number of weeks as a PTF and retain their time credit toward the next step.

      Important: Please note that the threshold for automatic conversion to career PTF status is 24 months of relative standing. This means that the 24 months must occur in the same USPS installation. CCAs that choose to move to another USPS Installation begin a NEW period of relative standing in that installation.

On health insurance for CCAs, the contract maintains the Postal Service’s biweekly contribution of $125 toward self-only coverage in the USPS Non-career

Health Plan for Plan Years 2020 and 2021. For CCAs who wish to select self-plus-one or self-and-family coverage under the USPS plan, the first year contribution by USPS will be 65 percent in Plan Years 2020 and 2021, rising to 75 percent in their second year of service. However, effective in Plan Year 2022, the Postal Service will contribute 75 percent of the premiums for self only, self plus one or self plus family, regardless of the year of employment.


Part-time flexible Q&A


MOU Re: Qualifying period-exception for City Carrier Assistants


      CCAs with a minimum of 90 days of service prior to conversion to career status without a break in service are exempt from the Ninety-Day Qualifying Period in ELM 512.313, pertaining to using annual leave. Previously, all newly converted employees, regardless of time in service, were required to complete 90 days of employment as a career employee prior to being allowed to take annual leave.

Branch 2184 held an Open House on Sunday, May 23 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the Branch 2184 Union Office for ALL Branch 2184 CCAs and former CCAs that have been or will be converted to career PTFs.


Despite the weather, the event was a success.


  • CCA’s and PTF’s had access to the Uniform Bank.
  • They got assistance from Branch Officers with the signup process for health insurance, life insurance, TSP, LCPF, etc.
  • Branch officers were available to answer questions about any aspect of their USPS employment.

Branch Uniform Bank Now Open!


      As our new CCA Brothers and Sisters join us as new members, Branch 2184 is asking our retired and active carriers to donate new or used uniforms that they no longer need. If you would like to donate please bring them to the Branch office or give them to your Steward to drop off.


      Thank you to Angela Mink (Dearborn Annex), Lazandra Grimes (Dearborn Main), Joan Jordan (Westland), Kristie Nelson (Plymouth), Gary Macieczni (Branch 1), Joe Garcia (Dearborn Annex), Keith Benedict (Taylor) for their donations.


      Even during this pandemic, you can still

make donations to the uniform bank by bringing in gently used uniforms and gear to your office. Give it to your steward and he/she will make sure your donation gets to the Branch 2184 office.


      For CCAs looking to shop at the uniform bank, because of COVID-19 and to protect your health as well as the branch officer working, you have to give your sizes to your union steward. They will forward the sizes to the branch office, An officer will pick out a few items and get them to your steward so that they can give them to you.


Lets make our new members feel welcome.

For more information call 313-295-1640


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NALC CCA Retirement Savings Plan is a retirement income plan designed for City Carrier Assistants (CCA’s) to supplement your pension. You make small payments to the plan while you're young, so you can receive a lifetime of monthly payments after you retire—even if you live to be 200!


Under the NALC CCA Retirement Savings Plan, you can also request a guaranteed number of monthly payments.


City Carrier Assistants who participate in the plan may transfer their Traditional IRA funds to the Thrift Savings Plan once they become career letter carriers. The Surrender Charge will be waived in this instance only. Note: The Thrift Savings Plan is not set up to receive Roth IRA transfers at this time.


You choose the amount you want to contribute to your NALC CCA Retirement Savings Plan. It can be as little as $15 per pay period (the minimum amount allowed). You may also select your method of payment: MBA can deduct payments automatically from your paycheck, or bill you monthly or annually.*


With as little as a one-time $15.00 payment, your can start your NALC CCA Retirement Savings Plan and never have to make any additional deposits in order to maintain your policy in force. You may also make a lump sum deposit into the NALC CCA Retirement Savings Plan at any time to help build your plan’s value.


As your NALC CCA Retirement Savings Plan grows, you can expect to earn competitive interest rates. The plan is tax-deferred, which means you do not pay taxes on any of your interest until you draw on it, further improving your yield.


When you're ready to retire, MBA offers a choice of four ways to collect monthly benefits:


Life Annuity With Period Certain. Receive a lifetime of monthly payments. You're guaranteed this income for as long as you live. If you die during a specified period (5, 10, 15 or 20 years), payments go to your beneficiary until the end of the period.


Life Annuity. Receive monthly payments through your lifetime. No further benefits will be paid after your death.


Joint Life Annuity. You or your beneficiary receive monthly payments as long as either of you live.


Full Cash Refund. Receive monthly payments as long as you are alive. When you die, the MBA will pay any money in your account to your beneficiary.




Please mail completed application form to:


U.S. Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association

100 Indiana Avenue, NW

Suite 510

Washington, D.C. 20001-2144


Due to their sensitive nature and to protect your privacy interests, personal inquiries and problems will not be handled through the MBA or NALC website. For general benefit information, please talk to your local MBA Representative.


For more information contact your local NALC branch office

or call MBA's nationwide WATS line: 1 (800) 424-5184 Tuesday & Thursday—8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time

or call MBA at (202) 638-4318 Monday thru Friday—8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time