Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Executive President's Report

March / April 2021

Emergency Federal Employee Leave Update


      We have received notice from the National Business Agent’s office that the USPS has notified the NALC that they have still not received any official guidance on the usage of EFEL from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The Office of Personnel Management administers the EFEL Fund that will finance leave granted under the American Rescue Plan Act. Until OPM issues guidance on how the leave is to be administered, the USPS is taking the position that it is limited in its ability to fully implement EFEL.

      While the USPS waits for direction from OPM, they are using an interim process for the use of EFEL leave. The memorandum from the USPS goes on to say that supervisors and managers are only authorized to conditionally approve leave requests  in increments of up to 80 hours through April 28, 2021 or until OPM issues its guidance. Proportional amounts of leave will be given to part-time flexible employees (PTF) and noncareer employees who do not have a 40 hour per week schedule.

      In order to use the EFEL leave you must be unable to work and meet one of the eight qualifying reasons. If you are seeking to use leave for one of the eight qualifying reasons, be sure to fill out and submit a PS Form 3971 indicating the reason you are

taking the leave. If you are having a problem with getting the leave, make sure to ask for your steward or call the Branch office for help. See the accompanying chart in this edition of the “SPEAKS” for further EFEL information.


Branch Open House


      Congratulations! to all our newly converted career PTFs and soon to be converted PTFs. Branch 2184 will be hosting an Open House here at the Branch office on Sunday May 23 from 5:00 pm till 7:00 pm for our PTF and CCA Brothers and Sisters. Your Branch Officers and Stewards will be available to help you sign up for health insurance, life insurance, TSP, and LCPF as well as answer any contractual questions or concerns you might have. In addition, we will be opening the Branch Uniform Bank for you to go through before you use up your uniform allowance.

      Please remember you have only 60 days to enroll in a health care plan from the time of your conversion to career status. If you were enrolled in the USPS Non-Career Employees Benefit Plan and converted to a career position, your enrollment is terminated 28 days after your conversion. If you take no action and do not sign up within the 60 days you will have to wait till Open Season to make another selection. Mark your calendar or make a note, do not miss out on this opportunity to discuss and sign up for your newly earned contractual benefits. See the notice in this edition of the “SPEAKS” for more information on the Open House.



--Mark Judd

Executive Vice President