Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Executive President's Report

January / February 2023


Security Breech


      The Postal Service learned of fraudulent websites intended to trick postal employees into providing their Lite Blue login credentials. These websites did this by appearing in popular search engines with similar names and web addresses to Lite Blue. Unfortunately, some postal employees have fallen victim to these fraudulent websites within Branch 2184. Employees had their entire paychecks or a portion of their check rerouted to the criminals’ bank accounts, instead of being deposited into their own.

      To improve the security of Lite Blue, the Postal Service has implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) when logging in. MFA provides an extra layer of security by confirming a code received via text message or through an app.

      Effective Jan. 15, when employees sign in to Lite Blue, they will be required to reset their Self-Service Profile (SSP) password, verify the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN), and set up their multifactor authentication preference.

      Be sure to check you are on the genuine web-site before entering any credentials. Users can avoid fraudulent Lite Blue sites by typing the web address directly www.liteblue.usps.gov.

      Please let your steward know if you have been affected so the appropriate grievances can be filed.




      This is an issue that arises on the workroom floor daily. Employees are being treated without dignity and respect by management in many instances. It is managements responsibility to create a harmonious working environment for all craft employees. M-39 sect 115.4 Maintain Mutual Respect Atmosphere

      The National Agreement sets out the basic rules and rights governing management and employees in their dealings with each other, but it is the front-line manager who controls management’s at-tempt to maintain an atmosphere between employer and employee which assures mutual respect for each other’s rights and responsibilities.

      Joint Statement on Violence and Behavior in the Workplace; deemed enforceable through the grievance procedure by Arbitrator Snow (C-15697): Management may not intimidate, harass, bully or threaten carriers. Making the numbers is not an excuse to abuse anyone. Those who do not treat others with dignity and respect will not be promoted, and if the behavior continues they will be removed from (Continued from page 3) EVP’s Rebort their positions.

      Article 14: Management is required to provide safe working conditions ELM 666.2: Employees, which includes management, are expected to conduct them-selves in a manner which reflects favorably on the Postal Service.

      If you believe that you are experiencing any type of workplace harassment please see your steward so the appropriate grievances can be filed. We all the right to work in a hostile-free environment.




      The branch is always in need of slightly used uniforms and winter gear for our new brothers and sisters. If you would like to contribute to our CCA uniform bank and you are an active carrier, please bring in your uniforms/carrier gear to your office and give to your union steward. He/she will bring them over to the hall. If you are off on your NS Day or a recently retired carrier and are in the neighborhood, stop by and have a cup of coffee with the President or whatever office is working that day, drop off your donation(s). We will make sure you get your name mentioned in the next 2184 Speaks.

      CCAs only need to be employed in one of our twenty Branch 2184 offices for forty five (45) days, after which the CCA can call the union hall to make an appointment to come over and shop at the CCA Uniform Clothing Bank. A mask will be needed to enter the union hall for the carrier’s as well as the officer’s safety from Covid-19.

      Thanks to Monique Shorter out of the Westland Main office for her recent donation which included a brand-new postal coat. Thanks to Retiree Mary Taylor out of the Trenton office for her donation to the CCA Uniform bank. Thanks for stopping by to drop that donation off at the hall.



-- Jacqueline McGregory

Executive Vice President