Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Executive President's Report

July / August 2022

Cost of Living Adjustment


      The sixth regular cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for career letter carriers under the 2019-2023 National Agreement is $2,455 annually following the release of the July Consumer Price Index. This increase will be added to every step in Table 1 and Step O in Table 2, and then applied proportionately to Steps A through N in Table 2. The increase will be effective on Aug. 27, 2022.

      The sixth COLA alone is at least a 3.8 percent pay increase for each step in the career pay schedules. The five previous COLAs paid under the 2019-2023 National Agreement have resulted in total pay increases for each step in the career pay schedules of at least 6.2 percent.

      Thank you, NALC, for economic package you fought to get us in this current contract!


72nd Biennial Convention


      The 72nd Biennial Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois with more that 6000 delegates that gathered from across the country for the National Association of Letters Convention. Each day of the convention the delegates of your branch attended workshops before and after the convention business sessions. These included but were not limited to contract enforcement and retirement classes.

      I had the pleasure of being on the credentials committee. My duties were to verify the delegate attendees and register him/her for the convention. I also attended “The Strike at 40” workshop which was a filming of the great postal strike of 1970. Those carriers were the carriers that lead the way for wage increases and better working conditions for the Letter Carriers at that time in history and for the future carriers.

      I attended the “What’s New with the Thrift Savings Plan”. The TSP workshop offered recent developments with the retirement savings program for career employees as well as CCA’s. The workshop also explained how to navigate and have a better understanding of the new changes with TSP. Thanks for allowing me to represent the Branch 2184 membership at this National Convention.



-- Jacqueline McGregory

Executive Vice President