Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Executive Vice President's Report

May / June 2024




      I had the opportunity to attend Branch Officers Training in Washington D.C. this past April 22nd through 25th, 2024 with several other Branch 2184 Officers. These were great refresher courses for me. I learned about everything from how to prepare our LM-2 annual report for the Department of Labor, as well as how to work in conjunction with our Branch Trustees during our local branch audits.


      We have Branch policies that have been in place for a long time. We are putting all of those Branch policies in writing now. I want to thank the membership for the opportunity to attend this training. Our Branch is fiscally responsible and is in good hands!




      I am so proud to have had the opportunity to represent each and every one of our members from Branch 2184 in Class #28 of the NALC Leadership Academy. I learned along with 28 other NALC leaders of their branches from around the country. With all that I learned from the Leadership Academy, I will pay it forward by continuing to work with our stewards and officers to help build NALC leaders for the future. NALC has a great history and a bright future. I will also be working closely with three NALC activists from Branch 2184 that I have to mentor as a NALC Leadership Academy graduate. I will pay it forward well into my retirement years as an active member for future NALC leaders that come behind me. Thanks again Branch 2184 for the opportunity to represent you at the NALC Leadership Academy and a special thanks to President Walt McGregory for being my mentor for the Leadership Academy.




      The numbers are still coming in as of the writing of this article. Overall, the Food Drive was a success. Thanks to all the Food Drive Coordinators that participated and went that extra mile to make this year’s annual food drive a successful event. We will have the final total for each of our offices in the next newsletter. A special thanks to sister Recording Secretary Katrina Jones for all of her assistance and work in making sure that this year’s food drive went well.




      The months are going by fast; we are already in the month of May. We are just around the corner for our annual Picnic on June 23, 2024. The event will be held on the branch grounds beginning at 12:00 noon. All Branch 2184 members and their families are welcome to come out and enjoy the festivities. More information will be available on the Branch 2184 Facebook page as we get closer to the event day.




      As our new CCA brothers and sisters join us as new members, Branch 2184 is asking our retired and active carriers to donate new or slightly used uniforms that they no longer use. If you would like to donate, please bring them to the Branch office or give

them to your steward to drop off to the union hall. If you are on your scheduled day off and are in the neighborhood or if you are retired and, in the neighborhood, stop by and drop off your uniform donation.


Thank you to Westland Retiree Greg Hayden, for his donation to the CCA Uniform Bank!



-- Jacqueline McGregory

Executive Vice President