Working to elect members of  Congress who support NALC of our political affairs operation. This is an important time to participate in the NALC’s political process. The Letter Carrier Political Fund helps pro-labor, pro-letter carriers candidates get elected so they can go to Washington to support and protect letter carrier jobs. The NALC is not partisan and neither is our fight. Our struggle is for letter carrier jobs and we deserve support for that struggle from all political parties.


How do I become a member and/or contribute?


The easiest way to become a member of the Letter Carrier Political Fund is to contribute through automatic payroll deduction. Stop by branch or call  (313-295-1640) with questions about how you can contribute or use the forms below:



Through Postal Ease (online)


Through PostalEase (phone)


Electronic Funds Transfer


From an annuity


Contract Talk and NALC Activist


Protect your job "Give to the Letter Carrier Political Fund today!" Call 313-295-1640


Branch 2184 Contributors

- Indicates you are signed up for automatic contributions.

(R) - Indicates retired members.

  Allen Park

       Tod Lilla

  Mark Owen

       Karen Russell

  Kris Shaw


  Gregory Bodziak (R)

  Bryon Dendricks

  Lynn Taylor (R)

  Cindy Trzeciak (R)

  Dearborn Main

  Darryl Clay

  Symone Coleman

  Wanda Ellison

  Lisa Franklin

  Damon Green

  Yvonne Jackson

  Ed Waldon

  Tammy Wheeler

  Leonard Zawisa (R)

  Margaret Zywicki (R)

   Dearborn Annex

  Timothy Bailey (R)

  Mark Cornett

  Sharry Garcia

  Joe Garcia (R)

  Hussein Ghoteimi

  Mark Judd (R)

  Thomas Klecha (R)

        Joanne Kuzala (R)

  Roderick Lelental (R)

  Melvin MacDonald

  Carol Macieczni (R)

        William Mather (R)

  Jackie McGregory

  Rosemary Miller

  Brian Robinson

  Brian Rodden (R)

  Darren Smith (R)

  Jerry Taylor

  Cathy Tondreau (R)

  Joseph Vitie (R)

  Anthony Whitley

  Steven White

  Larorn Williams

  Dearborn Heights

       Roger Corpolongo (R)

   Hassan Ghoteimi

   Marwan Ghoteimi

       Chanel Harrison

   Ian Mair (R)

  James Powell (R)

  Pam Sellers

  Alan Swinteck (R)

      Christopher Tostige (R)

  James Wolstencroft (R)


 Jerome Mannlein (R)

  Flat Rock

  Lillian Bogosian

 Grosse Isle

  Christopher Biegalski

  Kimberly Bumbul

  Mary Renaud (R)


       Phil Ashford

  Ibrahim Ash14aif

  Robert Clark

  Thad Dillard (R)

  Carl Gibbs (R)

  Scherrie Lacey

       Diama Taylor

  Tyke Reid


  Lincoln Park

  Thelma Balogh (R)

   Arleen Blanchard

  Laura Fitzgerald

  Paula Hall

  Ronald Hausch (R)

  Nicholas Longo

       Patricia Manning (R)

       Timothy Manning (R)

       William Mason (R)

  Nicole Pace

  Karen Purvis (R)

  David Reise (R)

  Barbara Scaggs (R)

  Scott Watts


  Joanna MacKinnon

  Kenneth Masserant (R)

  Erik Venzke


  Elizabeth Bays

  Jose Hardrick

  Ricky Hatfield

  Janet Klein (R)

  Sara Need

  Jennifer Rake

       Mark Miller

  Janice Mitchum

       Loianne Vester

  Valerie Watkins


  Mary Farrari (R)

  Diego Forshaw

  Tiffani Howell (R)

  Patricia Linna (R)

  Gary Macioce (R)

  Kristie Nelson


 Courtney Duran


  Adeyinka Adeduntan

  Keith Benedict

  Patricia Davis (R)

  Craig Finney

  Dawn Gable

  Roger Gilliam (R)

  Alexander Heatherly

  Jason Josaitis

  Ryan Judd

  James Kelly (R)

  Karen Lee



       Frances McGuchin (R)

  Ray Michaux

  Walter Modelski (R)

  Timothy Murry

  Alyssa Nieves

  Bob Parisi

  Anjeanette Parks

  Tom Rauch

  Bob Sedore (R)

  Irene Sly (R)

  Suzanne Stevens (R)

  Elizabeth Truskowski

  Jeanie Youtsey


  Kari McLachlin


  Anthony Conley

  Dwayne Conley

  Gwen Heffinger (R)

  Larysa Larson

      Tracy Mitchell

  Casey Pennington

  Jeffery Webb

  Douglas William


  Arnita Adams

  Bertha Battista

  Felicia Davis

  Ananias Epps

  Albert Gilliespie

  Cynthia Harris

   Katrina Jones

       David Lehman (R)

       David Marshall

  Walter McGregory

  Ladonna Miller

  David Rumley

  Edward Sikora (R)

  Aron Torh

  Nakia Whitfield


  Joe Golonka (R)

  John Hite

      John Meleski (R)

  Bonnie Price (R)

  Ramon Robinson

  Tonya Rutledge

  Denise Viola


  Paul Bordine

  Timothy Bowsher (R)

  Nancy Cadorin

       Jennifer Currie

  Paul Debruyne

  Alan Grajczyk (R)

  Patricia Neeley

  Mark Obermiller

  Donovan Pettway

  Richard Rider (R)

  Dave Roland

  Danita Hill

  Gregory Snead

  Paul Strauss

  Michael Tredway

  Ricco Wilson

LCPF Disclaimer

      By making a contribution to the Letter Carrier Political Fund, you are doing so voluntarily with the understanding that your contribution is not a condition of membership in the National Association of Letter Carriers or of employment by the Postal Service, nor is it part of union dues. You have a right to refuse to contribute without any reprisal. The Letter Carrier Political Fund will use the money it receives to contribute to candidates for federal office and undertake other political spending as permitted by law. Your selection shall remain in full force and effect until canceled. Contributions to the Letter Carrier Political Fund are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Federal law prohibits the Letter Carrier Political Fund from soliciting contributions from individuals who are not NALC members, executive and administrative staff or their families. Any contribution received from such an individual will be refunded to that contributor. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per calendar year. Any guideline amount is merely a suggestion, and an individual is free to contribute more or less than the guideline suggests and the Union will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount of their contribution or their decision not to contribute.




Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Letter Carrier Political Fund (PAC)