Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

KIM Region 6 Report

Kentucky -- Indiana -- Michigan

                              Brothers and Sisters,

                                    I am extremely hesitant to write on this subject; however, I believe

                              that I would be derelict in my duty if I did not inform the members of

                              Region 6 of this important topic—the 2020 Presidential Election.

                                    I know I may have just lost a few readers. I understand. Politics is

                              something personal, and discussions of political philosophies should

                              only be with those who do not get offended or frustrated when

                              opposing positions are encountered. You must always be careful when

                              discussing politics with friends and family. I consider NALC members

                              to be both. My intention is not to upset anyone, but instead, to only

point out researched facts.


  • The present administration wants to eliminate collective bargaining within the Postal Service1.
  • The present administration wants the Postal Service to quadruple their prices for parcel delivery2.
  • The present administration taunts mail-in voting as ripe for fraud3.
  • The present administration does not want to include the Postal Service in any stimulus stating, "Now, if we don't make a deal that means they don't get the money. That means they can't have universal mail-in voting4.
  • NALC Executive Council unanimously voted to endorse the Biden/Harris campaign5.


      As you see, I am only writing about our joint professional items of concern - our jobs. There are many more facts that can be listed regarding attacks from this administration on the Postal Service and collective bargaining. However, due to space restraints,

I will move on.

      Everyone has their own "other" platforms that are important to them. Our jobs and livelihood are what we have in common. If we do not have our jobs, will we be able to support those "other" platforms? That is why it is imperative we consider voting for an administration that is friendly to our livelihoods.

      Our union reflects the diversity of our country. We are comprised of all political ideologies, and we live in a country that allows for the free expression of these differences and similarities. Everyone has the freedom to vote for their choice on their personal interests.

      Please do your own research on the candidates, but please keep in mind the way you vote will influence your livelihood. Can you afford to be without your job and benefits? Can your family afford it?

      Speaking of elections, we are coming into that time of year for branch elections. Due to COVID-19 concerns, President Rolando has granted branches dispensations in the conducting of branch elections until it is safe to do so.6 If, however, your branch wishes to conduct elections and you cannot per your branch bylaws, request dispensation on how you intend to conduct the branch elections safely and democratically keeping in mind the branch still has to conform with the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act(LMRDA) and the NALC Constitution.7

      One last note on branch elections, if you believe there were any violations of the LMRDA or the NALC Constitution during the election process, please refer to the NALC handbook entitled "NALC Regulations Governing Branch Election Procedures".

      This resource can be found by going to the NALC website under the "Union Administration" tab, clicking on the Secretary-Treasurer's page and selecting "Election Information". There are time limits for appeals. Therefore, get familiar with this handbook prior to branch nominations and elections.

      As always you may reach out to our office for any guidance needed. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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In Solidarity,


-- Troy Clark

National Business Agent Region 6

Kentucky - Indiana - Michigan (KIM)

Troy Clark

National Business Agent - Region 6