Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

KIM Region 6 Report

Kentucky -- Indiana -- Michigan

                              Brothers and Sisters,


                                     Pandemic - still in the middle of it! There is no rest for the weary.

                             The number of positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise. This trend

                             will continue until there is a vaccine; therefore, we must remain vigilant

                             regarding our safety measures. Social distancing and the wearing of

                             face coverings will protect our co-workers and their loved ones - don't

                             you want the same for you and your loved ones? Please insist

                             everyone conforms to these noninvasive measures. Show you care

                             about others-wear a face covering.

      The new Postmaster General has taken office. Like most PMGs, he is anxious to put his fingerprint on the organization. The Postal Service announced a new concept (not really) they are planning to try. It is called Expedited to the Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS). Those of you that have been around a while may remember the old Expedited Preferential Mail (EPM) concept. EPM is still addressed in some handbooks (check out M-39 section 121.21 and the glossary in the M-41). The new ESAS program has similar characteristics.


Here's how ESAS is described in a Postal Service Stand Up Talk:

      In this initiative, City carriers will not sort any mail during the morning operation.

They will clock in, retrieve mail that was pulled down from the previous day, and load

with the following items: Scanner, Mail in the Hot Case, Accountables, SPRS, Parcels, Sequenced sets as directed, DPS/FSS (as applicable).


      Any unsorted First-Class flats will go directly to the street with the carrier and will be

routed in delivery sequence while on the street. Upon return from the street delivery, carriers will sort all mail, as directed by management. During this time, they will also handle any ancillary duties previously performed in the morning (edit books, hold mail, etc.) In summary, the basic guidelines of expedited to street/afternoon sortation are:

No morning sortation, retrieve, load, and go, Minimal morning office time, Vehicle inspection, service/safety talk, accountables. Afternoon duties: sort all available mail, pull down route for next delivery day, edit books, hold mail, etc.



      City Letter Carriers have an instinct to want to provide the best service to our customers. Delivering all mail received that morning, especially First-Class mail, is what we are "programmed" to do. However, like it or not, our supervisors and managers have the right to instruct us to curtail or even delay mail.

      Management is required to give you a 1571 upon instructing you to curtail mail. M-39 section 111.2.j states:

“Issue PS Form 1571 when the carrier is instructed

to curtail mail, indicating action thereon. Upon request,

a duplicate of the completed form will be provided

the carrier”.

      What do you think the chances are management will issue you the form without you asking for it? It is imperative you cover yourself by filling out the PS Form 1571 completely, have a manager sign acknowledging the curtailment and ask for your copy

of the completed form for your records. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) can issue you a citation if you do not have a completed PS Form 1571.

      To be clear, this ESAS initiative was supposed to be conducted in six sites in each district for approximately 30 to 60 days; however, the Great Lakes Area has decided to roll out the basics of this initiative throughout all installations.

      I ask all City Letter Carriers to remain professional and continue to give the best service to our customers no matter the obstacles thrown at us by our employer.


      Take Action. Congress is set to return to Washington D.C. Monday, July 20. Their next recess is to start August 7. They have little time to hash out the next American stimulus package. I am sure you are aware of the urgent need for the Postal Service to

be included in this next package. Between the House bill HR 6800 (Heroes Act) which passed on May 15, 2020 and the Senate bill S 4174 introduced July 2, 2020, the groundwork is laid for the Postal Service to be included for some relief. However, we must not take anything for granted. Please, while Congress is back in session, contact your congressperson and senators to stress the importance for the Postal Service's

need for assistance due to the financial impact of the pandemic. The NALC website is set up for your convenience to contact your members of Congress. Go to the "Take Action" tab and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. It takes less than two minutes and can save your job and the future of the Postal Service.


Stay Safe. Stay Healthy


In Solidarity,


-- Troy Clark

National Business Agent Region 6

Kentucky - Indiana - Michigan (KIM)

Troy Clark

National Business Agent - Region 6