Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

ODL Tracking Overview

      This video series will guide you through the new 2018 ODL Tracking Template.

With features like Tracking Hours, Number of Opportunities, Missed Opportunities, Make up Hours from previous Quarter. Also with Options on Equitable level and filters to sort information by Name, NS Day or Total hours lowest to highest .


      The Postal Service currently does not have the capability of tracking all overtime worked according to the new contract (2016-2019) provision in Article 8.5.C.2.


      Now more than ever we should be tracking the overtime on a regular basis even if management has good intentions they would probably mess it up.


Overview of the Tutorial Videos (1 minute 24 seconds)


1. Setting up and saving your template (1 minute 43 seconds)

2. Creating and personalizing the spreadsheet for you office (2minute 40 seconds)

3. Getting started inputing data and understanding some of the basic functions.

4. Add a carrier to the list after after the quarter has started such as a CCA conversion.

5. More Optional functions of the spreadsheet.