President's Report

January / February 2023






      We are still dealing with cases Covid-19 and different strings of the Flu that are preventing us from meeting in person safely. For everyone’s safety, I have decided to continue our meetings virtual via WebEx until further notice. The branch remains fully functional and will continue to provide services to the membership such as retirement counseling, OWCP assistance and contract enforcement.




      Branch 2184 family, we have lost one of our own. Long time NALC Activist, Branch Trustee and Grosse ILE shop steward Gloria Warthen passed away on Sunday January

                                22, 2023. Gloria became a Branch Trustee in 2006 and proudly

                                served in that position as a Branch Trustee until she passed away.

                                Sister Gloria was a fierce union advocate and always stood up for

                                letter carriers. Anything that the union asked of sister Gloria, she

                                proudly participated and was apart of with NALC. Sister Gloria was

                                always one of the top donators in the branch to COLCPE/LCPF over

                                the years. I’m going to truly miss our sister as she was always a

                                sister you could call or speak to about anything. Rest easy sister.

                                We will carry the load from here on. Please keep her family and

                                loved ones in your prayers.





      I have appointed Branch 2184 Contract Administration Unit (CAU) Member Erik Venzke as Trustee to fill the remainder of the term of sister Gloria Warthen. Brother Erik is a veteran Contract Enforcer who will work hard for the membership on the executive board as a Trustee.




      After years of not being able to meet face to face at our local union hall, we are getting together outside of the union hall to celebrate our retirees of Branch 2184. The last time we were able to safely meet and celebrate our retirees before the Covid-19 pandemic was back in September of 2019. Well save the date of Sunday March 19, 2023! This will be the Branch’s 1st Retiree Celebration at the Prestige which is located at 6600 Allen Road, Allen Park, MI 48101. It will be from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Tickets are available until March 5, 2023. All Branch 2184 Retirees plus one guest is free. (NON-TRANSFERABLE) Branch 2184 Members rate is $30.00 per ticket. This is an event for adults 21 and over as there will be alcohol available. Come on out and celebrate our retirees with us! There will be a Live DJ, cash Bar, conversations, dinner and a great time. We are working on getting a National Officer to come out and celebrate with us! Hope to see you there!




      Technology Integrated Alternate Route Evaluation and Adjustment Process (TIAREAP) TIAREAP has reached our Branch 2184 offices. Belleville is now scheduled for the fall of 2023, Dearborn Main, Ypsilanti, Taylor, Monroe and Inkster are all scheduled for the first couple months of 2023 to have their Live Week of the TIREAP process. I have long time Branch 2184 Route Inspection Officer David Reise (Retired) working with co-Branch 2184 Route Inspection Officer Erik Venzke, to educate the membership on how to protect their routes as professional letter carriers every day. The Branch will continue to put on Route Adjustment training throughout the year for the membership.




      Congratulations to Taylor Steward Keith Benedict, who just recently completed the TIAREAP training put on at the USPS Training center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 23, 2023 through January 27, 2023. Brother Keith is one of Branch 2184’s many rising stars. Brother Keith continues to assist the branch wherever he is asked to go and whatever he is asked to do. Brother Keith joins sister Beth Bays of Northville and brother Mark Owen of Allen Park that have received TIAREAP training.




      We still are seeing a lot of removals at the arbitration level regarding irregular attendance. I stated it in the past. Attendance discipline is the hardest to defend. Arbitrators are upholding removals even when management has made some technical errors in the case. Management is able to show that they in fact more times than not, worked to try and correct the irregularities in attendance before resulting to attempting to remove letter carriers for abuse of the USPS Attendance Policies. I encourage all active carriers to utilize the FMLA protections afforded to you by LAW if your absence(s) qualify. See your steward or call the union hall at 313 295 1640 if you need FMLA paperwork. We can email it to your personal email the same day you request it.




      As of 2/06/2023, there are 188 members. The page is growing daily. If you are on Facebook, please search for our page. You have to answer a few questions like who is your steward(s) and what building do you work out of or retired from and you will be approved. There is up to date information to what is going on within your branch, at the state, regional and national level of NALC. There are always contractual updates. Current active and retired Branch 2184 members only.

      We are in the beginning months of 2023, on behalf of the Officers and Stewards at Branch 2184, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and Happy New Year.


-- Walt McGregory




Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI