President's Report

September / October 2022





      This past Columbus Holiday weekend, (October 8th-10th), twenty four of your Branch 2184 Contract enforcers gave up their holiday weekend attending the Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan (KIM) regional training that was put on by the Region 6 NBA office. The Branch 2184 contract enforcers that attended were as follows; President Walt McGregory, EVP Jackie McGregory, Vice President Darryl Clay, SGT @ Arms Phil Ashford, Trustee Felicia Davis, Route Inspection Officer Dave Reise, CAU Chairperson Joe Golonka, Belleville Steward Bryon Hendricks, Dearborn Main Steward Symone Coleman, Dearborn Main Alternate Stewards, Damon Green, Karl Tamburro, Dearborn Heights Steward Shaun Fowlkes, Dearborn Heights Alt Steward Chanel Harrison, Inkster Alt Steward Sherrie Lacey, Flat Rock Steward Lillian Bogosian, Lincoln Park Steward Scott Watts, Plymouth Stewards Tamara Bosman and Kristie Nelson, Taylor Steward Keith Benedict, Northville Steward Val Watkins, Northville Alt Steward Beth Bays, Westland Stewards Ananias Epps and Nakia Whitfield and Ypsilanti Steward Mike Tredway. These contract enforcers attended classes to enhance their contractual knowledge to better represent you on the workroom floor daily. President Walt McGregory was an instructor of Article 1 (Discipline) class, which was well attended each day.

      Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe was the guest speaker on Monday October the 10th, 2022. EVP Renfroe updated us all on current legislative issues like H.R. 4268, which would allow certain federal employees to make catch-up retirement contributions for time spent as non-career employees after Dec. 31, 1988, thus making such time creditable service under FERS. EVP Renfroe updated us on the Disaster Relief Fund and other important issues affecting letter carriers.

      In the next Branch Speaks, attendees of the KIM Training will submit articles discussing the classes they attended at the KIM.




      I am happy to report that our branch has recently received two favorable

decisions from arbitrators. One arbitration was regarding an attendance removal of a career carrier in which we were successful in showing that management failed to meet their required Just Cause Burden of Proof. The removal was rescinded in its entirety. In another successful arbitration award, management placed a CCA on a long-term Indefinite Suspension (Article 16.6), for 22 plus months, the arbitrator found in that case that management failed to meet their required Just Cause and instructed management to return that carrier back to work immediately and make whole for all lost wages and benefits. Of note, in the Indefinite Suspension case, the CCA made career in May of 2021 while off on the Indefinite Suspension. Congratulations to the stewards in these buildings that put together the case files to defend these carriers against management’s bogus discipline and got these carriers back to work.




      During the October 5th, 2022 Branch WebEx meeting, I announced the following Branch 2184 Members to be a part of the Retirement Committee; Vice President Darryl Clay Chairperson, Financial Secretary Cathy Tondreau Committee Member, Route Inspection Officer David Reise Committee Member, Westland Alt Steward Katrina Jones Committee Member, EVP Jackie McGregory Committee Member, Alternate Committee Members Recording Secretary Mel MacDonald, Retirees Officer Leonard Zawisa.

      This committee will meet and put together a time and place for the Branch to have an event to recognize and acknowledge our retirees in the branch.




      We are now back to in person meetings for the retirees. The retiree’s meetings are the second Wednesday of the month, 12:30 pm at the union hall. We are taking Covid-19 precautions at the meetings by spacing out and keeping the doors open. As the weather changes, we will continue to monitor the conditions and make any necessary changes. Safety is the number one priority. Hope to see you next month on November 9th, 2022.




      As of 10/16/2022, there are 178 members. The page is growing daily. If you are on Facebook, please search for our page. You have to answer a few questions like who is your steward(s) and what building do you work out of and you will be approved. There is up to date information to what is going on within your branch, at the state, regional and national level of NALC. There are always contractual updates.

      Take a moment to look at it. It is only for current Branch 2184 members. No former members or nonmembers allowed.




      The branch is in need for slightly used uniforms. There is a need for long sleeve shirts, winter pants, rain gear, winter coats, winter boots, winter jackets. If you would like to donate to the CCA Uniform Clothing Bank, just bring your bag of items to the post office and give to your steward. They will make sure to drop the donation off to the union hall. If you want to drop the donation off to the union hall yourself, stop by Monday through Friday 9:am to 5:PM, have a cup of coffee with the Branch officer on duty. Your name will appear in the next newsletter.




      Congratulations to the following Branch 2184 members and their children for winning the one of four five-hundred-dollar scholarships. Morgan Maliszewski, daughter of Northville carrier Beth Bays, Madison McKinney, daughter of Monroe carrier Shasta Murphy, David Keister III, son of Monroe carrier David Keister Jr. and Joshua Snead, son of Ypsilanti carrier Gregory Snead.



-- Walt McGregory




Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI