President's Report

May / June 2022





      I am seeing more and more of our carriers being put up for removal for attendance throughout our branch. It is so alarming that I am starting my article off with this information. In this month (June) alone, I had two removals out of one of our buildings for career carriers. I have another removal case in a branch 2184 building scheduled for arbitration. That is a total of three (3) cases in one month at arbitration. In a third branch 2184 office, I have two removal cases at the Formal A level ready to meet with the Postmaster on. Again, these are all attendance related cases. It is so important to make sure we are utilizing FMLA for absences that qualify for this coverage. Also, speak with your supervisor/postmaster about a PS 3189 if you are having issues with being tardy. Changing your start time may assist you and prevent tardy instances being used against you. Brothers and sisters, we will always do our jobs as contract enforcers and give you all the best representation possible when defending these removals, however, management does eventually learn from their mistakes and all of the best Branch 2184 representation might not be enough if management can show that they have met their required just cause principles.

      Reach out to the hall at 313 295 1640, if you need FMLA paperwork or need to get EAP assistance to help with an attendance issue. We are here to assist you.




      All the delegates (funded/unfunded) have received a letter from me by now detailing information about the upcoming Chicago convention August 8th, through August 12th, 2022. There will be someone here at the hall each day to assist the members while the delegates are at the convention.




      A special thanks to Picnic Chairman Erik Venzke for having his picnic crew work on the weekends, after work to get the union hall grounds prepared for the picnic. Picnic grounds crew consist of Picnic Chairman Erik Venzke, Vice President Darryl Clay, Sgt @ Arms Phil Ashford, Allen Park Steward Mark Owen, Retirees Officer Leonard Zawisa and myself. We still need volunteers for the day of the picnic. Please call the hall or let your steward know that you can assist us on picnic day June 26th, 2022 for a short time.




      As of 06/13/2022, there are 167 members. The page is growing daily. If you are on Facebook, please search for our page. You have to answer a few questions like who is your steward(s) and what building do you work out of and you will be approved. There is up to date information to what is going on within your branch, at the state, regional and national level of NALC. There are always contractual updates. Take a moment to look at it. It is only for current Branch 2184 members. No former members or nonmembers allowed.




      There are no July and August branch membership meetings per our bylaws, so make sure you stay up to date on our branch 2184 Facebook page. We will see you all Wednesday September 7th, 2022, via Webex or possibly in person (if the covid-19 numbers are down). Enjoy your summer Branch 2184 members! Stay safe!



-- Walt McGregory




Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI