Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

President's Report

May / June 2024





      On May 1st, 2024, at our regular Branch membership meeting, I

had the pleasure of presenting former NALC Branch 2184 President

Paul Diebolt his 50 Year NALC Gold Card, pin, and plaque. Also in

attendance at the Branch membership meeting was former Branch

2184 President Timmothy Manning.


Brother Manning, thanks for coming out to support brother Diebolt

on this special day!




      The U.S. Department of Labor has finished its Compliance Audit Program (CAP) of the Branch’s 2021 and 2022 records. The branch passed the audit with no major violations. The branch’s finances and assets have been and are in proper order. A special thanks to Branch 2184 Route Adjustment Officer and Trustee David Reise for the time that he spent with me during a two-week period last year preparing/copying the Branch’s 2021 and 2022 records for this audit.




      Congratulations are in order for Executive Vice President

Jacqueline McGregory, who has graduated from Class #28 of

the NALC Leadership Academy. EVP Jackie is now scheduled to

shadow/work four days at the NALC Region 6 NBA office. We are

all so proud of you, EVP Jackie McGregory! Branch 2184 will

continue to mentor and produce future leaders of NALC well into

the future!




      The 73rd Biennial NALC National Convention is scheduled on August 5th through the 9th, 2024 in Boston, MA. Our delegates will be receiving a letter from me very soon detailing their responsibilities and expectations for the upcoming convention. As always,

you can check out what is going on within your branch on our Branch 2184 Facebook site or our website, nalc2184.org.




      As of 05/14/2024, there are 219 members on our Facebook page, and it is growing daily. If you are on Facebook, please search for our page. You have to answer a few questions such as who are your stewards, what building you work out of and then you will be approved. There is up to date information about what is going on within your branch, at the state, regional and national levels of NALC. There are always contractual updates. So, take a moment to look it over. Our Facebook page is only for current Branch 2184 members. No former members or nonmembers are allowed.




      Six of your 2184 Branch Officers attended Branch Officers Training April 22-25 in Washington, DC. Those Branch officers that attended were EVP Jackie McGregory, Recording Secretary Katrina Jones, Financial Secretary Treasurer Mark Owen, Trustees Dave Reise and Joe Golonka, and MBA Representative Erik Venzke.

      Your Branch Officers received training on taxes; accounting systems and maintenance of proper controls; reporting to the Department of Labor; fiduciary duties under the Landrum-Griffin Act; bonding of branch officers and IRS reporting requirements. The officers also received training on the NALC Constitution and branch bylaws; branch operations and identifying branch policies; maintaining accurate and complete meeting minutes; member notification requirements; record keeping; branch elections and branch dues and how to read a dues roster. Each officer will give a summary of what they learned at the training.




      The branch has replaced the heating/cooling system that was overdue to be replaced and that had broken down as of last summer. The air-conditioning system now works fine in the front office. The tree in front of our building that was interfering with the power lines and our flag has been cut down. The front of the building looks great now from the street.




      On Sunday June 23rd, 2024, we will be having our annual picnic here on the union office grounds. ALL Branch 2184 members along with your family and friends are invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you. There will be games, water slides, music, food, and fun for everyone!




-- Walt McGregory