Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Executive President's Report

July / August 2020

Constant Changes with our Job(s)


      Everyday it seems like there is something new to deal with relating to our jobs as letter carriers. There is some new change that management wants to implement pertaining to Letter Carrier work. From changing our starting times, to having some of

us case our flats in the (PM) time after we finish carrying our routes for the day.

      The one consistent thing you as a Letter Carrier can count on is that NALC will continue to defend Letter Carriers at every level of our great union. From the local branch level, state, regional and headquarter level.

      President Judd and your officers are working tirelessly to disseminate all of the information to your stewards coming from NALC Headquarters and our regional office. Remember, management has the right to run their operation, however, those management rights are always subject to our NALC contract scrutiny. ESAS

      On 07/25/2020, our Trenton office started the ESAS (Expedited Street/Afternoon Sortation) test. This test alters the way letter carriers perform their a.m. casing duties. This test is in violation of provisions in the M-39 section 121.211, the M-41 section 223.11, 262.1, as well as Article 19 of the CBA. Letter carriers are being prohibited from withdrawing mail from their hot cases and this test doesn’t allow for letter carriers to receive their accountable mail until they have pulled down.

      Our National office has filed a National Level grievance regarding this ESAS test earlier this month (August 2020). Branch 2184’s Leadership team will be discussing this test with all of the stewards in the August monthly steward meeting via Teleconference.

      Stewards will be given grievance templates for filing grievances for violations pertaining to this ESAS test program.

      If you think that you have possibly been aggrieved, always remember to request to speak with your steward so he/she can properly investigate your issue.


Reducing Casing Equipment


      You may have already heard in a Stand-Up Talk given by management that upper management has instructed your local management team to reduce our casing equipment to free up office space within the Postal Service across the country. Remember, management has the right to manage their operation, again, however, it is always subject to scrutiny.

      The unions position is that if a route has four hundred and twenty (420) stops or more, then that route should have more than one piece of equipment.

      Management is obligated to get input from you the carrier assigned to the route prior to making any case changes. If management fails to do so, then request to speak with your steward immediately to file a grievance under the M-39 and the M-41.


CCA Uniform Bank During COVID-19


      We are still collecting your gently used uniforms for our CCA brothers and sisters. Please bring in your gently used uniforms and give them to your steward. He/she will drop the donation off to the union hall. you will receive credit by your name appearing

in the next Branch 2184 speaks. We need summer, fall and winter gear.

      For CCAs looking to shop at the uniform bank, because of COVID-19 and to protect your health as well as the branch officer working, you have to give your sizes to your union steward. They will forward the sizes to the branch office, An officer will pick out a few items and get them to your steward so that they can give them to you.




      By now, we all should have heard of the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF). We all should be contributing to this fund now more than ever our employer is in need of help from the politicians on the hill that have the ability to enact favorable policy for our employer.

      If you are not signed up for the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF), what are you waiting for? Five ($5) dollars a pay period is all that NALC is asking for you to donate a pay period if you are an active carrier and at least five ($5) a month if you are a retired carrier. There are multiple ways that you can contribute to LCPF:

  1. Payroll deduction: Contribute automatically, using PostalEase (either online or by phone) to set up an allotment deduction from your USPS paycheck.
  2. Direct bank withdrawal: You can authorize the fund to withdraw a monthly electronic contribution directly from your personal checking account.
  3. Annuity deduction: Retired letter carriers can elect to give monthly via an automatic deduction from your monthly annuity.


      You can also contact any of your branch officers at (313) 295 1640, and they will be happy to assist you. The job you save just may be your own!



In Unionism,

-- Walt McGregory

Executive Vice President