Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

President's Report

September / October 2020



      With the November 3rd Election Day fast approaching, this edition of the “Speaks” contains information from the national, regional, and local NALC Branch offices regarding this most important election. With the previous 2016 election still fresh on our minds, it can’t be said enough how important your vote is in deciding the future of this country and that of your employer, the USPS. Despite all that has been written and said about the forthcoming election, news organizations are still reporting that the undecided

voters among those planning to vote is about 10% of the electorate. With that in mind, if you are still undecided, I encourage you to read all you can regarding the two presidential candidates as well as the two major parties and what they stand for.

      You should be asking yourself, how would the election of either candidate affect you and your family? Ask yourself if you would be better off if things were to change or would you and your family prefer the same president and administration for an additional four years? It would be presumptuous of me to tell any member how to vote. However, If I had to make a case for one candidate or the other or one party or the other I would

base it on their positions regarding our livelihood and that of our employer. That would make it fairly easy.

      For example, if one party and one presidential candidate didn’t support the USPS and has openly criticized its very existence, and has also proposed privatization and the end of collective bargaining; while the other candidate and party has pledged to support the USPS and to make sure it is properly funded while also supporting our collective bargaining rights, the decision becomes very clear and easy to make. Voting is very personal, and when weighing your choices many factors may come into play. However, if you are voting for what’s best for your employer, the United States Postal Service, the choice is clear.

      For those of you now inspired to vote after reading this edition of

the “Speaks” but just realized that you are not registered to vote, you still

have time! Voters in Michigan can register to vote up to and including the

day of the election at their township or city clerk’s office. Please remember that proof of residency must be provided if you are registering within two weeks of an election. Acceptable documentation includes a drivers license, state ID card, current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government documents. Documents must have name and current address. For more information go to Michigan.gov/ Vote.

      As you have been told over and over, elections have consequences, and this election is no exception. The stakes are high, yet the choice is clear. Please exercise your right to vote and dismiss those who would have you believe your vote doesn’t matter. Vote like your livelihood depends on it, because you know it just may!


Branch Elections Postponed


      Our Branch 2184 nominations and elections for 2021-2023 term of office that were scheduled for October 7th have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In these unprecedented times we currently find ourselves in there was no way we could

safely hold the meeting while adhering to State of Michigan/Wayne County/Michigan Department of Health provisions and guidelines regarding capacity requirements for meetings, as well as CDC social distancing requirements. Therefore, it was decided at

the September 28th Branch Executive Board meeting that we would invoke NALC National President Rolando’s dispensation that was offered in his March 11, 2020 letter, and postpone until a time and date in the future when the meeting can be held safely and in accordance with State, County, and local requirements.


Contract Negotiations Update


      On September 23rd interest arbitration opened between the NALC and the USPS, with both sides making opening statements and presenting their economic case before National Arbitrator Nolan. The current round of interest arbitration is scheduled to

continue through November. During a Region 6 teleconference, President Rolando reiterated that there was still a possibility of a negotiated settlement and both sides were continuing to talk.


Scholarship Winners


      At our September 28th Executive Board meeting the Branch Trustees selected the recipients of our four Branch Scholarships for 2020. Congratulations to Robin Crowder, daughter of Dearborn Annex carrier Jesse Crowder; Dakota Klecha, son of Dearborn

Annex carrier Tom Klecha; Julia Keister, daughter of Monroe carrier David Keister; and finally, Dylan Peters, son of Canton carrier Craig Peters. Each winner will receive $500 from the Branch to use toward their tuition or other school related expenses. On behalf of the Branch, we wish you much success in your chosen fields of study.




-- Mark Judd