Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Vice President's Report

January / February 2023



      The latest joint route adjustment process is here. TIAREAP (Technology integrated alternative route evaluation adjustment process). This process uses our scanner to adjust our route. The data is captured every second as we do our routes.

      The REAT’s (Route evaluation and adjustment team) uses data from the last seven months, taking 1 week from each month to evaluate. The months of June, July, August and December have been excluded. The selected weeks have been mutually agreed upon by the national team members. This data is combined with the “Live Week”. The “Live Week” is the week you will be notified that your route/ station will be evaluated. To prepare for the live week, we should make sure our Red Books are in the right sequence. Delivering our routes in order is important. Routes should be setup for a continuous flow. Jumping from one part of your route to another part of your route may throw up a red flag.

      My office, Dearborn Main, just finished our live week. One of the things I learned is that note taking is very important. When you have your initial consultation about the live week, having things that occurred such as break times, lunch times, customer contacts, or why you need extra relay time at a particular loop will be very helpful. You will be able to point at that time in your notes. Notating anything in your day that is not what you usually do is key. Al-ways have your scanner with you.

      The next consultation is the evaluation consultation. Followed by the adjustment consultation. Yes, there are three consultation between you and the Route adjustment and evaluation team (REAT). I’ll keep you all informed as my office goes through the process.

      I’d like to thank the branch route adjustment officer, Dave Reise, for his help with the process throughout the Branch.

      Remember to always be professional. Carry your route everyday as if the supervisor is with you… because they are… the scanner.




      Branch 2184 has developed and implement ed several services above and beyond most Branches. We offer OWCP assistance, comprehensive Retirement Assistance, a Branch Facebook page, a uniform bank for CCA’s who have 45 days or more of service and a 1st class Branch website, www.NALC2184.org. to name a few. Soon we will have a Mutual Benefits Association officer that will be able to assist our membership with the plans offered by the NALC; Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Retirement Saving Plans and so much more. We are all proud of everything Branch 2184 has to offer its membership. We do all of this for you, the membership.

      These member services are second to the core mission of the Union. The consistent enforcement and the uncompromising defense of letter carriers’ contractual rights is what we do best! Thank you to All the Stewards and officers of this Branch for the outstanding jobs you do. We do it All for you, the membership.


-- Darryl Clay

Vice President