Branch 2184

Wayne County, MI

Vice President's Report

July / August 2022

National Convention


      I would like to thank you all for allowing me to represent you at the 72nd Biennial Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Our branch was well represented. Delegates were able to choose from these as well as other workshops to fill our days



      Workshops were available from 7:30am –9:00am. Then again at 3:15pm- 4:45pm. General session was every day from 10:00am to 3:00pm.


Customer Connect


      There is a new feature on our scanners. We can now submit leads on our scanners. Its makes submitting a lead a breeze.

          From the “On the Street Menu” Select “U"

          Then on the ‘Lead card menu’ Select #1

          Then Select “submit lead”

      Enter the company name and contact person’s first and last name and phone number. That’s it your lead was submitted.

      Since the inception of the program back in 2003, together letter carriers have raised $3,448,906,982 and counting. That is close to $3.5BILLION dollars that you all have given our employer in new revenue through your leads. The next lead could put us over the $4BILLION dollar mark. With contract negotiations coming up next year, now is the perfect time to boost up the Customer Connect leads for our employer!


CCA Uniform Bank


      New CCA’s are now able to “Shop till you Drop” at the Union Hall by appointment only.

      If you are a new CCA that has worked at least 45 days and need slightly used uniforms, call you Union Hall at 313-295-1640 and ask for your President Walter McGregory. Give him your sizes and he will set you up with an appointment.

      As we did some late spring cleaning, we realized we had an abundance of uniforms.

      This gave us the opportunity to share our surplus of uniforms with our sister branch, Branch 758. Thank you, Brother Phil Buzura, for allowing us to share with your branch.


The New Employee Experience and Retention Program


      The program is designed to help to improve work conditions for CCAs.


      MOU: M-01949 and M-01961 details the new program.


      This program specifically addresses having a weekly CCA schedule posted, work hour limitations of 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week for weeks 1-4. Weeks 5-8, the CCA can work up to 10 hours a day and 56 hours a week. 9 weeks and beyond, the CCA can work 11 ½ hours a day and 60 hours per week. These work limits will help acclimate the new employee to the job.

      Additionally, this new program will refine the office on boarding process. The CCA will be introduced to all employees, given a satchel, and equipped with supplies, such as a dog horn, poncho, etc.

      CCAs may not be sent to another office for the first eight weeks.

      The second program is the New Employee Mentoring Program (NERP). This program provides the CCA with a mentor to communicate with for the first four months of employment.

      In addition to treating all new hires and employee with dignity and respect, these programs are designed to foster greater job satisfaction. They are geared to help eliminate the hurdles new employee may encounter, create a better Work / Life balance, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately improve our retention rate.



-- Darryl Clay

Vice President